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The Conscious Body Babe Workbook & Hypnosis Audio



Your Body is EVERYTHING. 


It is how you connect to your intuition. 

It is how you regulate your nervous system to manifest your most beautiful dreams. 

It is literally your source of play.

It's your vehicle for exploring the world. 


Yet... It is the easiest part of your life to neglect and abuse. 


Most people spend their time worrying about their mental and spiritual health, but they forget that the body is just as important for a fruitful life. 


So I wonder? 


How would your life change if you could not only see that importance but also live it? 


What would happen to your body if you programmed every cell in your body to believe it was worthy of only the best foods, regular movement, and thriving peak health? 


How would you look, move, and feel then? 


Just imagine how far you could go with nearly unlimited energy, strength and health. 


But to get that you have to start with the basics. Know your body, and program yourself to crave health. 


That's what this package will do for you. The Workbook will help you find your blindspots. Why are you afraid to be healthy? What fuels your negative habits subconsciously? To get the right answers you have to ask the right questions ( and you'll find them all inside The Conscious Body Babe workbook) 


But information is useless without a follow-up intention. You need to do something with that information. That is what the hypnosis is for. 


As you start to become aware of your blocks and the underlying reason for your habits, you will create a gap. That gap is your opportunity to fill yourself with new beliefs and program yourself with new habits. 


As your subconscious mind becomes open to new information for survival, it becomes your job to tell it what you want. Health, energy, vibrancy, happiness, safety, discipline...


And that is exactly what the hypnosis will help you program. 


Expect a complete identity and body transformation after completing this workbook and hypnosis.


This is a digital product and will be delivered to your email box instantly after purchase 

The Conscious Body Babe Workbook & Hypnosis Audio

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