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The Conscious Boozer Workbook & Hypnosis Audio



Alcohol is super fun...until it isn't 


But here is something I've noticed in every client that comes in wanting to go sober ( or slow down on their drinking) 


They all put sobriety on a pedestal. They all look forward to the day when they can say No to alcohol. To wake up without hangovers, to save money, to make better choices, if THAT is the goal. 


But here is the real secret to healing your relationship with alcohol. None of those things should be the goal. Because all of those things are the bi-products of the real goal- To not give AF about alcohol. 


What if you didn't have to label yourself as "sober" because you were so indifferent to alcohol, it wasn't important enough to hold a label over your life? 


What if your brain literally scanned alcohol and coded it as something unimportant like brocolli or a house you drove by 10 years ago that you don't even remember? 


What if you weren't the slightest bit worried about your relationship with alcohol and instead you were fully 100% sure of things like...


Your self trust 

Your self-love

Your relationship with God 

Your ability to focus on things that make you feel amazing and full of live


And alcohol just wasn't even in the picture? 


That's what this workbook/hypnosis package is all about. 


You can think of the workbook as the removal of a cavity. It will help you ask the right questions that will help you find the truth behind your struggle with alcohol. 


The workbook is designed to help you lose up the "gunk" of subconscious beliefs you've created around your relationship with alcohol. 


And the hypnosis is like the filling. It is your opportunity to shift your identity and to program yourself on a cellular level with the belief that alcohol is not important. 


After completion of this program you can expect to be fully disinterested in alcohol, what it does or doesn't do. And you can expect your identity to feel excited for what it truly wants. For your soul and mind to be in unity about health, love and your body. 


It's going to be an amazing ride. 



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The Conscious Boozer Workbook & Hypnosis Audio

  • ISBN : 978-1-7923-8051-8

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