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The  ConsciousHeartbroken Babe Workbook & Hypnosis audio



The one thing in the world we all want. 


How would you like to wake up every morning in the vibe of


"I feeeeeel in LOVE" 🎶


What would change in your life if you genuinely felt like a gift to this earth? Not in an entitled way, but in the way God created you. It is your birthright to take your place on this earth. To show up for your life and to romanticize every second of it.


What kind of magic would you feel running through your veins if you felt in every bone in your body and every cell of your being that you are worthy and deserving of love?


Working with your subconscious through the right questions and commands it becomes IMPOSSIBLE for you to believe anything other than


"I AM worthy of being seen, heard, and respected"

" My boundaries are unbreakable- I respect myself so you have no choice but to respect me"

"My heart cannot be broken, it can only grow bigger and stronger"

"Love cannot be taken from me because I AM love" 



Inside this workbook is the #1 step people skip...and then they wonder why they don't attract the right people (or even attract anyone at all.


Because most people wish for love, they fight for love, and they believe they can have love, but they don't know how to program themselves to identify with love. 


Most people never learn how to make love so familiar and so at home, that they end up making it weird. They fight off romance, friendship, relationships, and intimacy.  And they don't even know why. 


But not you, you lovely soul. Once you complete this workbook and hypnosis you will shed a layer and grow into the beautiful, confident, work of art you were always meant to be. 


Start experiencing the magic of true Love. 


This is a digital product and will be delivered to your email box instantly after purchase. No refunds, please make sure you purchase with a full-hearted yes!


The ConsciousHeartbroken Babe Workbook & Hypnosis audio

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