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The Money Conscious Babe Workbook & Hypnosis Audio




The one thing we can all agree we love, and yet, it's such a huge source of controversy, fear, and anxiety.


But what if money were to be easy for you? What if you decided that it is your God-given birthright to feel financially safe? 


What would your life be like if you had more than enough to pay the bills, buy yourself beautiful things that make your soul happy, and help out people who are important to you? 


Having more than enough money to do those things is kind. YOU having a lot of money, YOU feeling safe in your body with lots of money, YOU feeling regulated knowing that you are responsible for loads of money is right. 


Good people with money are going to help bring the world back into balance. 


I don't just believe that- I have proof of that. Every client I've helped move through money blocks has helped countless people. They have gone from anxious and stressed to safe and loving, and they've passed that energy on into the world.


Most people think that it's enough to understand their blocks and get into the "right energy" of money, and that's partly true. 


But the reason why most people fail is because they don't understand what you're about to experience. You cannot fake energy. 


If you want to truly and forever believe and experience in the safety of abundance you have to program your identity to be that. 


It's not enough to understand money, want money, or believe you can have money. You have to program every single cell of your body to expect money and to believe without an oz of doubt that it is for you. 


That's what this workbook will help you do. You will get the workbook to work through your blocks and shadows AND you will get the hypnosis to help you recode your mind and body on a cellular level. 


This is going to change everything. 



This is a digital product. It will be delivered to you electronically upon purchase. 

The Money Conscious Babe Workbook & Hypnosis Audio

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