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How to Leverage your Anger

Hi Conscious Babe,

Todays post is brought to you thanks to my monthly mental breakdown. Earlier in the week, I had plans to catch up on a ton of work, deep clean my house, and work out every day. Then, out of nowhere, I had several friends ask for my help. My 6 year old decided now was the time to get needy, and to top it all off, I lost my debit card.

But instead of handling things like an adult, I got mad. I was so angry that all these things were cutting into my precious work time. And, of course, my anger only made things worst. Luckily, I have enough self-awareness and experience in this field to realize I was wasting a golden opportunity.

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I don’t often get mad, but when I do, I get excited.

What do I mean by that? Well, a long time ago, I learned that being angry (like all emotions) is an incredibly useful tool. But it’s one that we often forget to feel grateful for. The difference is that, unlike some other emotions, anger seems to have magic behind it that, when used correctly, can catapult your life to magical places.

How? Let me show you…

1. It shows you what your boundaries are. Having clear boundaries is a huge part of deciding what we are and aren’t willing to accept from life. If you’re a super chill person like me, it might be easy to miss the mark between what you don’t want to “fuzz over” and what you genuinely don’t care about. But when something makes you angry, and you take the time to see where that anger is coming from, you can better understand where you stand in life.

2. It shows you where you need to heal. On the other hand, if you tend to get angry at everything and everyone, becoming aware of your triggers can help you figure out what part of your life you need to heal to become happier, healthier, and even wealthier.

3. It can help you collapse time. If you’re into manifesting and quantum physics, you’ll love this one. When we are trying to change our lives, many of us tend to come from a place of wishing. It takes a lot of work to shift that energy to a place of “it’s already mine,” aka the golden rule of manifesting.

But when you get angry, when you are absolutely done with a specific part of your life, you can leverage that powerful emotion to change your “shoulds” to “musts .”For example, if you’re angry at yourself that you keep over-drafting or starting fights with your spouse, then use that anger to make it clear to yourself you are no longer open to choices that don’t serve your life’s purpose.

4. It can give you clarity. In my case, my anger shined a light on the fact that I didn’t have my shit together. I needed to take a minute to see that I was being disorganized. I was focusing on working so much I was severely neglecting other parts of my life.

I mean, come one, I was going as far as getting mad at my friends and son for needing me. This taught me that life often happens when you need it the most. There have been plenty of times where I could have gotten work done, but I procrastinated. And while I love what I do, nothing comes before my family.

5. It can help heal physical issues. Did you know that certain health conditions are linked to anger? Things like high blood pressure, heart problems, digestive problems, and even skin disorders happen when we bottle in our anger for long periods. But if we learn to recognize our anger, observe it and heal it, we can heal ourselves physically too.

What do you think, babe? Does this almost make you look forward to your next tantrum?

Just remember to stay self-aware.

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To your happy life,


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