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Where are we Really Falling Short as Women?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Hi Conscious Babe,

Today I want to go over something I keep running into.

I'm getting right to the point. Women are still not using their own unique voices.

If I haven't made it clear, my business is all about teaching women to help themselves. To help them wake up and be conscious of all their choices. Understanding their intuition and learning to effortlessly move through life feeling fully supported and confident (because of their own instincts).

I have invested in thousands of dollars worth of self-help coaches, programs, and books.

And throughout this, there is one thing that is starting to become increasingly clear to me. Women still seem to be overwhelmingly ignoring their own voices.

Even fearless women who put themselves in the spotlight and have successful brands often repeat information from well-known speakers and authors.

And why? Why do we do that? Why, if we were given the gift of charisma, of social media followers? Of being someone, other people are interested in…are we not speaking our own thoughts.

We cannot keep parroting each other's good ideas. God or The Universe, or whoever you believe in, made you unique and whole. You have your own unique story that you experienced, survived, and came back from in your own unique way.

There are people in desperate need to hear your story.

We know that people feel safest when they feel a part of a crowd. That's why influencers are so instrumental to marketing.

But if looking and thinking like everyone else is supposed to make us happy, why are so many women so disconnected from themselves? Why do so many people struggle to find their life's purpose?

I hope you can clearly see the answer. We are not listening to ourselves. In fact, we are ignoring ourselves, quieting our own voices, and missing out on creating new solutions to many of life's problems.

Do yourself (and humanity) a favor if you're reading this. Answer this journal prompt: In what ways is my voice unique? How have I been dimming my life to fit in? How can I help the world with my unique story?

Answer this, babe. And help us out. We are in desperate need of fresh ideas, creativity, and life. Let's not keep contributing to this zombie apocalypse.

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And if you need help finding your intuition, check out our workbooks in the shop.

I love you guys so much,

XO Edna

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