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Why all the Questions?

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I wanted to take some time to address a question I keep getting…"why so many questions?"

As you know, I’ve decided to shift my focus to my “100 questions” workbooks, and I actually do have an excellent reason for doing this.

First off, I’d like to say a huge part of my inspiration for writing these workbooks was based on two people. The first is Tony Robbins, and one of my favorite quotes of his ever:

“Quality questions create a quality life. Succesful people ask better questions and, as a result, get better answers”.

And the second was Jim Kwik and his book Limitless. The book teaches speed reading and the “right way to learn.”

To make a long story short, I’ve realized that you can read all the books in the world, listen to all the podcasts, and watch all the YouTube videos. Still, if you’re not asking yourself the right questions before you consume any of this media, you will not remember (let alone learn) anything.

When you read, listen to, or see something that really resonates with you, it’s because it answers a question that provides value to you. Sometimes, the “aha” moment comes from an answer being given to a question you didn’t even know you had.

With that said, the mission of my workbooks is to get you to bring forth all the questions about yourself that will get you to seek answers out of life. I don’t want you to wait till you kind of-sort of recognize something that helps you (only to forget it later).

I want you to be so aware and in tune with yourself that you are soaking up answers that elevate your life at every second of the day.

I want you to see that only you can really enrich your own life. While it’s nice to read beautiful self-help books or have breakthroughs in therapy, no one knows your mind, body, and soul like you.

I want you to be so intimate with yourself that you don’t ever have to put yourself in a position where you need validation from anyone else ever again.

I also get that if you don’t know where to start, you might put yourself in a position where you let your mind wander into deep dark thoughts, what-ifs, or everyday nonsense.

That’s where I’ve decided to step in and help guide you in different areas of your life. I have given you powerful questions that will lead you to incredible answers that will provide you with the quality of life you are due for.

I’m so excited for you all to check out my new workbooks, books, and merch- I promise if you follow through with deep honesty, they are all life-changing.

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I love you all so much!

XO- Edna

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